Tri-Veritum Isle

Tri-Veritum Isle (Isle of the Three Truths) was first discovered by a small band of adventurers (Lord Roland of Willowby, Christina, Archmage of Lemur, and Gwendolyn the Pure of Gotz). Years later the three, along with Krystal, (daughter of Roland and Christina and a seasoned adventurer in her own right), returned to colonize the island with the idea of eventually retiring there.

White Eagle, now a bustling center for commerce, was built first and originally used as a base of operations as the group and their soldiers cleared the surrounding area. Over time, other villages developed and grew into towns. To help manage the growth of these smaller communities, each of the original party adopted one of these towns and spent most of their time there as the community protector. Roland and Christina oversaw the two towns named after them. Krystal embraced what is now known as Krystal Point. And Gwendolyn took up residence at Last Hope, where she built a spectacular temple to St. Cuthbert.

The Fellowship Fractures

Roland, being of pure elven descent was immortal. Alas, Christina was Human and became increasingly aware that this difference would eventually separate them. She became more and more obsessed with researching rare tomes searching for an arcane solution that would grant her immortality as well so that she would never be parted from her beloved Roland.

Her research led her to the dark arts and her experimentation slowly changed her. She became dark and reclusive, quick to temper, and often appeared to be a different person entirely. Eventually, her friends confronted her about her obsession, the changes in her manner, and her self-imposed solitude. They discovered her research and were appalled at the steps she had already taken to extend her life.

They attempted to intervene but this infuriated her. A struggle ensued. In her anger she blasted her daughter with a ball of pure energy which nearly killed Krystal. For a moment, realizing what she had done, Christina seemed to become her old self again. She rushed to her daughter to make sure that she was ok.

Upon seeing that her daughter still lived, her attention focused again on her friends and her anger returned. She ranted at them, blaming them for what had just happened to her daughter. However, instead of raging at them further, she disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Over a hundred years has passed since then. Christina was never seen again. Krystal, being long-lived due to her father’s ancestry, is nevertheless now quite old. Gwendolyn has long since left to join St. Cuthbert. Roland, broken-hearted, has disappeared. It isn’t known whether he is searching for Christina or merely mourning her loss.


White Eagle is now a thriving city of many thousands of people. There are seven other towns ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand residents. The lands immediately adjacent to these developed areas have become reasonably safe and even the roads are much safer to travel. Although it is still advised to travel in large well-protected groups.

But these pockets of civilization are merely bastions of light in the midst of a great darkness. Within a day’s ride of White Eagle is the infamous Valley of a Thousand Caves where even the mounted patrols fear to go. It is said to be the home of countless horrible monsters and the rough terrain makes it impossible to see these creatures from any distance.

Northern Peninsula

The Gnarly Forest is home to orc bands, ogres, trolls and who knows what else. Somewhere in its depths is known to be a terrible dungeon as well. What few adventurers come to the island eventually make their way to the dungeon and retrieve wonderful treasures… for a time. Then one day, these brave souls fail to return.

Mobius Swamp

Even worse, is the insidious Mobius Swamp. Ringed with the Shattered Peaks, remnant of a towering mountain range, the entire peninsula is an enormous swamp. From the very entrance the swamp is covered in a thick fog, reducing visibility to almost nothing. There is a huge lake somewhere in the swamp rumored to have an underwater city hidden beneath its depths. And even deeper in the swamp Lizardmen thrive and make sacrifices to their evil gods at their temple at the base of Mount Thunder (a slumbering volcano).

Black Wood Peninsula

Far less is known about the Black Wood or what lies beyond. Few go there and far fewer return. Most of the coastline consists of high sheer jagged rocks making it impossible to approach from the sea with the one exception of the Forbidden Coast. It is thus named because the only ship to ever land there and return described such horrors that anyone would have to be insane to attempt landing there again.