Once again, I have returned after a very long hiatus, my longest so far in fact.

Numerous medical problems have sent me to the ER and hospital a number of times. When I’m home, much of my time is spent in dialysis and recovery.

I made the decision to sell my house and move in with my mother, where we can take care of each other. That involved endless sorting, and packing, finding a moving company (that is far more difficult than it sounds), having a garage sale, cleaning up, moving, unpacking, sorting again, moving endless things to various donation sites, buying things that were broken, lost, or suddenly needed, and a hundred other things that go along with moving and merging your things into another household.

Moving in with your mother, as an adult, is sole-crushing. I have to give up so much, and accept that my life is never going to be what I expected. Kidney disease has me largely restricted to the area. I need to go sit in a chair four hours a day, three days a week. In order to travel, I would have to organize dialysis at another facility at the location I would want to travel to. Most are already full so that would be complicated. In addition, diet is quite limiting. Low potassium foods don’t let me enjoy much of local cuisine if I do manage to travel. All this means that my mother and I see each other pretty much 24-7-365. We are working it out so far, much better than expected.

The most devastating event in the past 2-3 years is that I lost my beloved Jasmin. She developed a sore on her gum. It continued to get worse so I took her to the vet. I was told it was cancer. I asked about treatment and they said I could take her to OSU and for many thousands of dollars, I could put her through a painful and exhausting series of procedures, and at the end there was very little chance that she would survive. I gave her all the love and attention I could. On the last day, she was up on the counter sitting in the bread basket. She looked comfortable and I swear she was smiling. I carried her to the car and we went to Corvallis. She was calm and acted happy, interested in watching the scene go by outdoors as we drove along. I spent a few minutes saying my goodbyes. When I was ready, the vet came in and gave Jasmin a shot while I was folding her. She is with me among the flowers just outside my window, where I can wish her good morning and good night every day. She is my sweetheart. I miss her so much.

I’m pretty settled in here. I got a net recliner for the living room. It has amazing lumber support. I spend a great amount of time watching tv with my mom. But I want to spend time by myself. I put my old recliner in my bedroom next to the bed and my own 55″ tv on the wall. I didn’t want to call comcast and deal with the cables so I got Roku. I didn’t know anything about streaming so I did a little research and Roku seemed to be the best. I only subscribed to the free channels and was pretty disappointed at first. Then I discovered Tubi. They have endless shows that I want to watch so now I am more than happy with it. Having a recliner and tv in my room works out quite well since I wake up frequently with diabetic neuropathy. I have meds that help, but it takes a while for them to kick in.

Thanks to Covid, I haven’t played any dnd or really even thought about it. Obviously, it is possible to play through zoom or one of the various online gaming interfaces. I’ve never used one of them and honestly, I don’t have any interest. Playing in person has a great deal of fun for me. Playing over the computer would just be too impersonal.

Now that I am settled, I have started thinking about dnd again. Finally, I went to look at my website. It has been inaccessible for the last year or so. Media Temple updated php and some of their other server software and I just never felt like taking the time to figure out what I needed to do to make my site work with them again. I sent them a message and they sent back detailed and lengthy, and barely decipherable instructions. I gave up on them and went in on my own. I basically ripped the site apart until I had a bare-bones site running again. Then I added bits back a little at a time, leaving out when didn’t work. I think it is all working again. What amazed me was that when I was done, I started checking to see that everything was working and I saw that someone was already reading one of my posts. That was a week ago. Today, I logged in and the daily post popular section was full of posts that people have seen today. I really thought everyone had forgotten about me.

I don’t know what I have to say, now that I have the site working again. But that was the first step. If nothing else all my existing posts are available again. I look forward to get back into this.