I was watching a Stargate SG-1 episode (The Quest, Part 1) and got an idea for an interesting magical item. In the episode, the team is searching for the Sangraal, an ancient weapon needed to combat the Ori. The leader of the Ori was discovered within their group (she had been disguised as a local villager). The team fired on her but she was protected from all harm by her amulet. However, she was unable to fight back as all of her other powers were suppressed due to wards that had been set in place to guard the area.

That amulet sounds pretty damn cool. But it would be way too powerful unless there was some sort of limitation or penalty for using it. So what sort of limitation or penalty would offset that kind of power without totally destroying the item’s usefulness?

In the next episode (The Quest, Part 2), the team discovers Merlin encased in ice (a technological stasis chamber). Hmm… that would make an interesting penalty. :)

Amulet of Invulnerability

When equipped, the wearer is surrounded by an invisible barrier. This barrier prevents all physical and magical attacks from damaging the wearer. Grapple attacks, and other non-damaging attacks, made against the wearer are unaffected.

Any physical or magical attack, that would normally inflict damage upon the wearer, immediately triggers the device. This causes the invisible barrier to solidify, and become a semi-transparent, 1″ thick, shell. The wearer is paralyzed (as if frozen inside a block of ice) but can see, hear, breath normally, and is fully aware of her surroundings. The barrier remains solid for five minutes, after which it reverts back to its non-solid state.

Clearly, this is more of a joke than an actual suggestion for an item, but I thought it was kind of interesting.

It might be fun to give it out and only let the power of the item (not the penalty) be identified. But you’d have to ensure that the first encounter, in which it is used, is a fairly minor one. The wearer will most likely be suddenly taken out of commission for the duration which could be devastating to everyone else.

I wouldn’t actually hand this out though, because it could actually still be extremely over-powered in certain situations. Too bad. It would be have been fun.