I’m sure you’ve all noticed the new section at the top of the sidebar titled “Buy It On Amazon”. Generally, I hate ads. They are usually ugly and intrusive and selling things that I’m just not interested in. I hope you’ll agree that these don’t fall in that category.

I have hand-picked each and every item advertised here. They are all things that I personally own or would like to have. Most are related to gaming (fantasy, horror, or science fiction), either directly or as something to gain inspiration from. Others are crafting supplies for creating gaming related items. A few are just things that I find cool and interesting. I’ll continue to add more as I find them.


I joined the Amazon Affiliate program so every time someone follows one of these links back to Amazon and purchases the product, I earn a little cash. That’s the theory anyway. Hopefully, it will actually amount to something.

Also, as I said, these are all products that I personally endorse. If someone finds something cool that they weren’t aware of before, that makes the whole thing worthwhile.

Google Ads

I also have a banner ad at the top and bottom of each page. Half the ads displayed at the top are for products I endorse (ProFantasy, Dundjinni, etc). The rest, as well as all the ones at the bottom, are Google Ads. I have no control over what appears there and am considering dumping them. However, they (theoretically) generate income too. Since they pay for exposure, instead of actual sales, their potential is greater.

Other Ads

Currently, the “Buy It On Amazon” section just lists items available through Amazon. There are a great many products I would like to add that are only available through the manufacturer. I’ll probably end up creating a similar section for those products and then alternately display one section or the other on each page load.

Final Words

Since the Amazon Ads are so prominent, I just wanted to take a moment to explain why I added them and assure you that they aren’t the forerunner of any kind of massive ad attack. This should be the extent of them. Also, all products will continue to be relevant and I certainly won’t be employing any of the more intrusive methods of displaying them.