Two years ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long) I announced my plans for releasing my house rules (tentatively named “Alternate Reality”). Other than a single update, I haven’t talked about it since. I’ve been spending a lot of time on it recently though, so I thought I’d post an update.


Sadly, all the work I had done previously was completely lost when my hard drive crashed and I discovered that my backup was damaged. This was a hard blow to overcome. I had put a great deal of work into the project and now I was back at square one and looking at having to redo everything all over again. It took a long time to build up enough energy to get started. But eventually I did and now I’m getting excited about it again.

First Steps

As I said in earlier posts, the biggest hurdle is making everything compliant with the OGL. I have a complete set of custom rulebooks that I’ve created for my own use. But these contain material taken from all kinds of sources. Separating my material from copyrighted material would be a herculean task.

Instead, I’ve started with the SRD, reformatted and reorganized the material. Next I’ll start adding my own material and editing the rest. Eventually, most of the SRD will be completely rewritten and/or replaced. This seems like the simplest approach to me to ensure that no copyrighted material sneaks in.


Based on the work I did on this before, I know it will take a very long time to complete. But since this will be my second time through, decisions I had to agonize over before are now already made so maybe things will go faster than I anticipate.

Do We Really Need Another RPG?

There are tons of RPGs out there already. I certainly don’t expect to rock the market. But naturally I feel my particular set of rules are something special (every DM surely feels the same) and I’d like to share them. My ultimate goal is to sell PDF modules, accessories, etc and I’d like to write them for the rule set I use. For that to become successful, the rules I write them for must be available.

I originally planned on selling the rules for a modest fee on PDF sites, but after further thought I decided to make the core books available as free downloads in hopes of gathering interest in future addons. If there is interest, I’d like to later do a kickstarter to pay for artwork to be used in printed versions.

Wherever it leads, it is a fun project. It would be gratifying to see it completed.