What Is This Site About

Old Guy Gaming is a blog about gaming. Specifically, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, although a great deal will apply to all versions. Other pen and paper games, as well as board games, will come up from time to time and I can’t swear that on-line games won’t make an appearance occasionally as well.

Why Start A Blog

I’ve played D&D since the 70s but have been away for a number of years. I’ve finally broken my WoW addiction and have returned to D&D with renewed interest. I’m starting fresh with a new version and a whole new generation of players so I’ve decided to also start fresh with a new campaign.

My main goal with this blog is to document the creation of a fantasy world and the preparation that goes into running a campaign. A blog is a great way to document each step and make it all available to new DMs.

Other Goals

In addition to creating and running a new campaign, I think my familiarity with earlier versions, and the various alternative rules systems we’ve tried, gives me some valuable insight that I hope to share.

Beyond that, I have maps, notes, dungeons, modules, and various utilities that I have created over the years that I plan to make available in the downloads section. As we move forward, I’ll begin creating maps and tile sets with Campaign Cartographer that I’ll make available for download.

Down the road, it’s my hope that I’ll be able to create extensive modules and gaming utilities that I can sell through the site as well.

When Can We Expect New Posts

I will make a serious effort to add a new post Tuesday and Friday nights. Look for them Wednesday and Saturday mornings. I expect to post at least one or two articles in addition to that every week, unless I’m working on maps or other gaming goodies.

How Can We Help

I’m hoping to generate enough from advertising to at least pay for this site. Google Ads pay based on how many people use their ads so if you see an ad that interests you, please go take a look! Other advertisers are attracted by how busy a site is and how many people are subscribed to the RSS feed. Please grab the feed and tell a friend!


Please tell me how I’m doing, good or bad, and let me know if there is something you’d like to see.

Thanks for dropping by!