I was already quite taken aback when I heard a few days ago that WotC was starting beta testing on a Virtual Table. They had halted development on the 3D version over two years ago. Apparently, they have since been working on a 2D java-based version (or more likely bought one and have been customizing it). I have been interested to see what they come up with but with no intention of ever using it. That may now have changed!

Today I read a post on Critical Hits, where Dave “TheGame” Chalker gives a nice overview of the product as it stands atm.

One of the first images immediately caught my attention:

WotC VTT Preview

An Unexpected feature

As you can see from the screenshot, you can select which rules set you intend to use! Of course, I have not read a single word anywhere even hinting that the different selections actually do anything. But offering the selection box implies that they have at least considered having built-in support for multiple editions.

Those that were less than impressed with 4e have given up on WotC. Naturally, Wizards wants that demographic back. A VTT that supports previous editions and offers something that other VTTs can’t would be quite a step in that direction.

Obviously, it is way too early to even guess what the release product will look like. But after seeing this, I suddenly have a lot more interest in seeing what they come up with.