Once again, I have returned from a VERY long absence. I find that the longer I have been away, the harder it is for me to start writing again. Perhaps it will be easiest if I start with what I have been up to.

The big news is that I bought a house. I appreciate my mom letting me live with her these past few years, but we both got on each other’s nerves so getting a house of my own is much more comfortable for both of us.

I scoured homes-for-sale sites, made lists, and visited hundreds of homes. Searching and closing must have taken up a solid six months. But it’s all over now and I am very happy with my new home!

In the process of moving, I hurt my back. Not sure exactly how I did it. It was probably moving my massive treadmill by myself instead of waiting for help.

It has been over three months now and I am still abusing various drugs in order to deal with the pain. Insurance denied Physical Therapy, but I got a list of exercises to do at home and my back is definitely getting better albeit very very slowly.

I’ve been planning on getting back to the blog for some time, but one thing or another kept telling me it was the wrong time to return. When I am busy with too many other projects, my posts tend to be rushed and superficial, so I wanted to wait till my life felt a bit more under control. I’m not sure I’m there yet, but It’s time to give it a go.

One thing that has been nagging at me to start again is that the 5e Starter Kit and Basic Rules are out and the Advanced Rules are almost out (I have the PHB and MM; the DMG will be in my hands within the week). I’m sure there is no lack of reviews for 5e but I want to add mine to the heap as soon as I’ve had a chance to peruse the DMG.

Perhaps a more pressing deadline is that I want to get a post up honoring the 5th anniversary of the commencement of this blog. This started out as merely a forum in which I could chronicle my return to D&D and the process I went through in creating a world and preparing to run a game.

I never really expected anyone to read these posts. This blog was more of a way for me to organize my thoughts. I’m still quite surprised when I see that people actually read what I post here, and overjoyed each time I see a new comment.

This same day (December 11th) also marks the 5th anniversary of another event. It is the day on which I badgered my Nephrologist into giving me his honest opinion as to how long I had before my kidney’s would fail completely. The best answer I managed to get from him was “most likely you have less than five years”.

Well, that was five years ago today, and I’ve outlived his dire prediction!

There has been much more going on with me over the past year. I won’t bother you all with it because it’s actually quite boring. But it was all stuff that kept me from blogging and the important point is that it’s all over and not keeping me away any longer.